Cohabitation and Living Together

The rights of couples living together are very different to those of couples who are married. Common-law marriage ended 250 years ago. Not everyone understands this!

Today, over three million unmarried couples cohabit in the UK. Yet, unlike married couples, there is no single piece of legistlation that deals with the rights of cohabitees on breakdown of the relationship. We have been waiting for the law to be reformed for some time now.

In the meanwhile, we can take you through the maze of legislation that affects couples who live together, their children and their assets. If your relationship has broken down, we can help you to unravel the complexities.

If you are intending to co-habit we can help you with cohabitation agreements, otherwise known as “living-together” agreements.

For further information about your rights read our article here: Cohabitation and the “Common Law Marriage”

If you wish to read more about Cohabitation Agreements and when to have one, read our article here: Cohabitation Agreements

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