“The family is the association established by nature for the supply of man’s everyday wants” – (Aristotle)

When a family functions well, it provides happiness, security and companionship. Conversely, when family relationships break down, people suffer pain, uncertainty and isolation.

We offer a genuinely personal service and will do everything we can to accommodate our clients through very difficult times. We are approachable, available and flexible.

We understand the complexities arising from wealth, not only in relation to finances but also in terms of managing your reputation. There is always one reoccurring theme: protection is key.

We take an empathetic approach to the tragedy of relationship breakdown. We work closely with other professionals who can assist with the emotional fall-out. We look for ways of resolving disputes which will cause the least disruption. Our aim is to deliver a satisfactory solution as quickly and cost effective as possible and with minimum hostility.

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