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Life as a Solicitor Apprentice: Year 1 on the FGD Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme

Our Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme allows you to study for an LLB in Legal Practice and qualify as a Solicitor, whilst working in the office, without incurring any university fees.

Here is what our current Year 1 Solicitor Apprentice, Kiyah Joshi, has to say about life as a Solicitor Apprentice on the FGD Programme:

Why did you choose an apprenticeship rather than going to University?

Whilst I always knew that I wanted to go into Law, the ‘traditional’ route of University did not appeal to me. I felt that the FGD Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme would be a great fit for me in terms of the practical experience I would gain. At the end of the six-year programme I will have the benefit of various experiences in the work place, whilst still obtaining the same qualifications as someone who has followed the ‘traditional route’ and of course, without the debt!

How do you manage your work/study balance?

Both the Firm and The University of Law are great at ensuring I’m able to balance my time between work, study and life. I spend four days per week working in the office, receiving hands on training and exposure to a variety of cases and the Firm allocates the remaining day of the working week as my study day. I either spend my study day working at home or in the library at The University of Law Bloomsbury campus.

What type of work have you been doing as part of the FGD Apprenticeship Programme?

As part of my first six months at Freedman Green Dhokia, I have spent my ‘seat’ in the Family Department and have had exposure to a variety of different cases. I have been able to sit in on client meetings, liaise with clients, draft letters and have even been able to attend Court on a number of occasions. During the course of the FGD Apprenticeship Programme I will be able to gain experience in a variety of different areas such as: Property, Commercial, Litigation, Employment and Private Client.

Would you recommend the FGD Apprenticeship Programme?

If Law is something you want to purse, I would definitely recommend the FGD Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme. The Apprenticeship is an excellent career choice, as it is not just a short-term job, but rather, it is a route though which you can progress towards a long-term career in Law.  Throughout my time at the Firm, I have had a great amount of support and everybody in the firm is friendly and approachable. The hands-on experience you will gain is second to none, if you are an aspiring solicitor the FGD Apprenticeship Programme is certainly something I would recommend.

If you are interested in joining the FGD Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme, click here to find out more:

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