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For a few dollars more!!

Online conveyancing – really?
Incredibly people increasingly rely on the Internet to handle what is bound to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) purchases of their life! The property team of this firm takes a firm and proud stand in bemoaning the advent of “conveyancing factories”. In these case management systems, a client is no more than a reference number within an allocated team, generally staffed and dealt with on a day to day basis by inexperienced personnel.

Time saving?
As a firm of old school Solicitors our hearts sink every time we receive a sales memorandum where the other side are using such a service. We now advise clients that the “quick deal” required will almost certainly not occur, no matter the stated intentions of the Seller/Buyer. Invariably these transactions take twice as long as they should to bring to a conclusion as there is rarely anyone competent or sufficiently aware of the case to talk to.

Quality control?
Responses to queries take forever; trying to have a telephone conversation with our opposite numbers is a thankless task. Even if you can get through to a “team member” that person needs to read the notes before being able to simply refer the matter on to the case handler, who in turn is generally too busy to speak with you. And if a client is buying a leasehold property rather than freehold, the problems multiply exponentially.

Cost saving?
Please remember that buying a property is not a simple paper shuffling exercise. Whilst we respect and understand that clients are price conscious, a few extra hundred pounds in conveyancing charges when acquiring what will most likely be your most expensive asset, will enable you to employ the services of an experienced qualified Solicitor. Someone to talk to who understands your needs, will do his/her utmost to achieve the sale and will communicate with you personally throughout what is well documented to be one of the most stressful periods of an adult’s life. Moving home ranks only behind death and divorce on the stress stakes.

Trust experience and the personal touch
A property purchase is, contrary to public opinion, an increasingly complex affair as there are a multitude of issues to consider. An experienced property Solicitor is, in our view, an absolute essential cog in that wheel, even more so where clients are buying or selling a leasehold flat or high premiums are involved. Personal service and experience are of paramount importance.

As the old expression goes “you pay for what you get”.

Buying or selling a property, do not hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.
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